A bi-weekly podcast exploring what it means to be gay and queer in the world today.


POWERVERS”, a new podcast exploring what it means to be gay and queer in the world today, has recently been released and is available to listeners for subscription in iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Co-hosts Arbie Mosley (@ahhhbie) and Michael Holt (@michaelrholt), two young(ish) friends from San Francisco and Portland, OR, spend each episode breaking down issues and themes unique to the queer experience. Joined by artists, entrepreneurs, icons, and pros, the boys examine hooking up, screwing up, and everything in between on the road to authenticity and genuine connection.

Irreverently funny, socially relevant, and at the forefront of an increasingly sex-positive culture, “POWERVERS: The Podcast” offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be gay and queer in 2017.

Podcast co-host Michael Holt says, “More than just a sexual position, “POWERVERS” refers to a mindset: that we, as queer people, do not need to limit ourselves from any experience that we want to have in our lives. That we can indeed, ‘have it all’.”

Co-host Arbie Mosley adds, “Although we’re not experts in any of the topics we’re exploring, we hope that as we share our experiences with themes that have emerged in our lives, our listeners will feel empowered to become the most authentic versions of themselves that they can be. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive”

Season one of “POWERVERS” will consist of ten episodes, available bi-weekly on Tuesdays. See below for more information on upcoming and past episodes.

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About the Creators

Arbie Mosley is a creative marketer from Detroit, Michigan who spends most of his time between New York City and San Francisco working to improve global communities. He loves gummy bears, dark warehouses, juicy butts, and stolen kisses. BA, Howard University, 2011.

Michael Holt is a creative strategist and producer based in Portland, OR, after spending most of his 20s in New York City. A quintessential Gemini, Michael feels most at home while planning new adventures around the world. BS, Brigham Young University, 2010. MA, New York University, 2013.

Episode Breakdowns

Upcoming episodes of “POWERVERS”:

  • Episode 103: On Thy Knees

    • Release Date: March 14, 2017

    • Description: The boys tackle the oftentimes messy and difficult subject of religion and spirituality within the queer community. Their most vulnerable episode yet, both Arbie and Michael share their (surprising) histories with religion and explore what it means to be spiritual and queer.

    • Special Guest: Film, television, and Broadway actor, Taylor Frey (@TaylorFrey)

  • Episode 104: YAAAS KWEEN

    • Release Date: March 28, 2017

    • Description: Michael gets called out for cultural appropriation as Arbie explains the history of queer language and vernacular, and its roots in the ballroom culture of queer people of color.

    • Special Guest: Jarvis Derrell, star of VH1’s Jarvis in the Elevator and creator of the popular Instagram account, @shehashadit

Past episodes of “POWERVERS”:

  • Episode 101: Masc4Masc

    • Release Date: November 29, 2016

    • Description: Arbie and Michael break down hypermasculinity inside the queer community and explore their experiences with seeking out masculinity in their hookups and relationships. Also in episode 1: Folsom Street Fair, Life Size Barbies, Carnality, Love Taps, and more.

    • Special Guest: Andy Simmonds, illustrator of the brilliantly subversive and popular Instagram account, @heyrooney

    • Link:

  • Episode 102: Two Sluts, Looking for Love?


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